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2013-2014 Academic Year Closing Activities

Awards Ceremony. Graduation Thanksgiving Mass. Graduation.

Chef Magazine Features Lexington College

'Experimental Learning': A Review of Lexington's Internship Program


Lexington College Academic Dean, Jolene Birmingham Sc.D., met with Chef Magazine to discuss Lexington's rigorous internship program.

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Dutch Domesticity: Then and Now

The Dutch Golden Age Lives On in the Life of Lexington Sophomore

Studying the history of hospitality brought home and heritage into perspective for Lexington student, Casey Kloese '16.  “We did a unit on the Dutch Golden Age, 1609-1660,” Kloese reported, “and I felt like I was suddenly face-to-face with the history of my own family.”   The class looked at the work of architectural historian Witold Rybczynski, who credits the Dutch of this period with establishing the dual meaning of “home”: the house itself as well as the family, heirlooms, gardens and “sense of satisfaction and contentment that all these conveyed”.   Rybczynski claims that homes in the Dutch Golden Age were “unbelievably clean” and ruled by hardworking women who delighted in thrift, neatness and order. 

“Even though the Dutch Golden Age was far before my grandmother’s time, I saw all of these qualities in her” Kloese said.  “She lived in the Netherlands at the beginning of World War II.  She left her country and eventually settled in the U.S.”     

Serving The Sick With Hospitality

Lexington Students Put Their Hospitality Skills into Practice at Ronald McDonald House

Last spring, Lexington’s Housekeeping Management students decided to change the world for the better. Rather than choosing a for-profit application of their classroom theory, they volunteered to create a housekeeping plan for the newly-built Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital. Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago opened its doors on June 26, 2012, at 211 East Grand Avenue in downtown Chicago. The House is currently the largest in the nation: 15- stories in height. It houses up to 86 families of children in active treatment at Lurie’s, allowing them to stay close to their children, and offering them care and comfort, including a rooftop healing deck and a kitchen filled with home-cooked meals and supportive conversation. They ask a donation of $10 per night from each family, but no family is turned away if they are unable to contribute. 

A Woman With Many Hats

On Monday, February 3, students, faculty and staff at Lexington College gathered to celebrate President O’Leary’s Birthday 

With an amazing custom cake baked by faculty member, Chef Cheryl Brookhouzen, President O’Leary celebrated her first birthday as President of the College. The celebration took place in the Commons, where all sang “Happy Birthday” and wished her well.

The cake read: “A Woman With Many Hats”, and showed some of the many responsibilities and interests of President O’Leary: teacher, singer, artist, and foodie. It would have required a much bigger cake to show them all!

And just like the many interests of the President, the cake itself had a mix of flavors: banana, peanut butter and chocolate mousse marvel... a perfect lunch- time mix.

We wish President O’Leary many blessings in the years to come!


A Meeting of the Minds

Lexington College Students Connect & Share Values with Students from Across the Country

When 300 students from the top universities in the country including Harvard, Yale, Georgetown and Brigham Young gather at Princeton University in New Jersey, one knows that this is an intellectual meeting not to be missed. This included four of Lexington’s own – Mary Boyle, Therese Chin Lee, Anna Murata and Moira Mulcahy.

What brought student representatives from 25 universities across the country together? The 6th Annual Intercollegiate Conference on Sexuality, Integrity and the University hosted by The Love and Fidelity Network. “The Love and Fidelity Network’s annual conference aims to connect college men and women to leading scholars and experts in order to equip them with the best arguments and resources in support of marriage, family, and sexual integrity” says the conference website ( Moira elaborates, “The LFN supports college students maintaining their strong core values of integrity during the college years – which arguably are the toughest years of life and where one’s values are the most challenged. LFN teaches students how to live their faith through actions. I wanted to learn more about how to communicate my own beliefs to others when asked and to think deeper about tough topics in today’s society. Being a young adult in this society means it is really important to get through to other people because we can have real impact.”

Lexington Alumna Bakes Everyone Happy

Melissa Lathus (BAS, 2012) and Lucila Giagrande Show Lexington Students How to Turn Their Baking Skills into a Business

It’s just six months since Melissa Lathus graduated from Lexington and already she is putting her education in entrepreneurship into practice.  Her on-line pastry business, Bake Me Happy, is fully functional and ready to go.  Four of Melissa’s unique and original cupcakes were available for tasting on November 21st at Lexington’s annual Fall Tasting Fair.  Her “churro” cupcake, an adaptation of the Spanish donuts called churros, was among the favorites.  Topped with a cinnamon buttercream and a tiny churro, the cupcakes are a bite into the culture of Spain and Latin America, recalling Melissa’s Mexican roots.

How Do Hospitality Majors Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Lexington Student With Hospitality on Her Mind Finds Holiday Time Busy

A true love for the holidays is a must for Hospitality Management majors.  Even though they often work on holidays, their work is filled with festivity:  preparing traditional foods, planning special events and arranging travel and lodging for family gatherings are a big part of the hospitality world from mid-November until New Year’s Day.  Skylar Fowler (Class of 2017, from Virginia) found her first Thanksgiving break since coming to Lexington hectic, but fulfilling.

Grand Opening of LexSnax!

Students' Entrepreneurial Endeavor Caters to Classmates' Morning Needs 

by Carolyn Jummati (BAS, 2015)

It’s 8 a.m. and the dedicated students of Lexington College are traipsing in the door ready for another day of academic excitement. Along with the usual school accessories (backpacks, books, etc.), most students are also carrying the necessary morning pick-me-ups, like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s coffee, along with granola bars, breakfast shakes, and other quick morning options. Not only is it a hassle for these students to go out and buy breakfast every day, the expense also adds up quickly, as most places charge at least $2.50 for a coffee or tea beverage.

However, the seniors of Lexington College have come up with a deliciously convenient solution for their fellow classmates. This semester, LexSnax officially opened for business in the Student Commons on the 5th floor. Everything from blueberry muffins and juice to hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes are served by members of the senior class. By the end of the opening morning, the blueberry muffins were all sold out and the halls of the school were filled with the smell of fresh coffee and tea. Having the option of buying breakfast at school is helping busy students to cut out one step from their morning routine.

For those students who have longer school schedules, LexSnax will be open in the afternoon as well. This semester's hours are M-W, 8:30-9:15 and 11:30-12:15. Week one was very successful and the students are hoping to continue LexSnax for the remainder of the year and continue into next year. 

Taste the Difference

Industry Advisory Board Samples Students' Work at Annual Tasting Fair

One of the benefits of being on Lexington’s Industry Advisory Board is the chance to attend the annual Tasting Fair showcasing the work of students taking Menu Planning, Garde Manger and Strategic Marketing. 

Menu Planning, a class for students specializing in Restaurant Management, Culinary Arts or Gastronomy, treats the menu as a strategic document.  While professor and restaurant owner Jennifer Monti explains menu pricing, menu engineering and formulating a business plan based on strategic menu choices, students design dishes and concepts for the restaurants of their dreams.  Then they bring it all down to earth by designing a menu of passed hors d’oeuvres for Lexington’s annual Tasting Fair.  The menu items are then divided between the two courses working in the production kitchen.

Garde Manger, taught by full-time culinary arts professor Alex Erdmann, is the science of the “cold kitchen.”  It includes such things as: smoked and cured foods, salads, sausages, pâtés, pickled foods and condiments.  Because their preparations typically take place away from the hot line, garde manger also includes hot hors d’oeuvres.  For the Tasting Fair, the class prepared chicken skewers, brie on walnut toast with seasonal preserves and turkey sliders.

Introducing Kelly O'Leary as Newly Appointed President

Board of Directors Introduces Kelly O'Leary as President of Lexington College

The Lexington College Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Kelly O’Leary as President of Lexington College.  For the past three years, Professor O’Leary has served on the faculty in the Hospitality Management Department.  Since July, she has served as Vice President of the College; her role as President becomes effective immediately.

Professor O’Leary has a passion for building culture by educating and inspiring the next generation of women.  Professor O’Leary was selected as the ideal candidate to shepherd Lexington College through its imminent growth phase due to her years of experience in leading, training and developing young women.  The Board of Directors is confident that she will be an inspirational guiding force for students, faculty, and staff.

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