Mission & Values

Lexington College Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Lexington College, an institution of higher education committed to being a leader in its field, prepares women for professional and managerial careers by offering a wide range of specializations in hospitality and related fields. Lexington produces graduates who are ready to face current and future industry challenges and are prepared to be leaders with personal integrity and the ability to meet others' needs with grace and dignity.

Values Statement

  • Lexington College combines academic preparation and professional training with Christian values.
  • Lexington provides the students personalized attention in academic growth, career planning and personal development. The ratio of student to faculty/staff is kept low for this purpose.
  • Recognizing the philosophical, social, practical, and financial implications of a strong work ethic, the College promotes a positive environment that facilitates the growth and practice of virtues such as service, responsibility, honesty, excellence, and friendliness.
  • Lexington College strives to promote mutual understanding and collaboration among persons of different ethnic, social, and religious backgrounds.
  • Lexington's philosophy of education is inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Lexington is open to persons of all religious beliefs. Doctrinal and spiritual formation offered at Lexington College are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.
  • All activities of the College must be conducted with unquestionable integrity.
  • Lexington College will maintain a culture characterized by teamwork, collaboration, trust and collegiality.
  • Lexington lays the foundation for life-long learning so women are prepared to contribute through their professional commitment to the business world, the home, and the family.
  • Lexington College believes in the importance of a well-rounded education and thus includes liberal arts courses in its curriculum.
  • Lexington strives to encourage and enable professional development for faculty and staff in order to foster their own continued learning and to strengthen their capacity to serve students.
  • Lexington realizes the importance of establishing alliances with the industry, professional organizations, and peer institutions for mutual collaboration.
  • Lexington honors the alumnae, donors and friends who have sustained the College, by means of our fidelity to the founding vision of the college, and ongoing relationships of collaboration and trust.
  • Lexington fosters a material environment of aesthetics and elegance.
  • Lexington affirms the importance of family in society and the opportunity to apply the professional skills learned at the College to the sphere of the home.

Lexington College

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