Grade Policies

Grades are mailed at the end of each semester unless the student has outstanding financial obligations with the College.

  Grade Grade Meaning GPA
  A   4.0
  A- Excellent 3.7
  B+   3.3
  B   3.0
  B- Good 2.7
  C+   2.3
  C Average 2.0
  C-   1.7
  D Poor 1.0
  F Failure 0.0
  I Incomplete  
  W Withdrawal  

Class attendance, class participation, and attitude toward class work are included in the class grade, according to the standards set by each instructor at the beginning of the course in the course syllabus.

A student receiving a grade of "Incomplete" must initiate arrangements with her instructor to make up the required work within two weeks after the last day of the semester. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade for the course. 

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