Career Center

Career Center

All students at Lexington College have access to the College's Career Services Center, which provides a variety of services to assist each student evaluate, choose and plan a career. Services include connection to web-based links for employment and career information. The Director of Career Services also individually assists students with professional resume preparation, letters of application and interviewing techniques.

Career Services helps students explore career options as well as find jobs as follows:

  • Part-time work during the academic year
  • Internships to fulfill curriculum requirement;
  • Job shadowing and employer campus visits;
  • Career position after graduation;
  • Opportunities through alumnae networking.

The resources available in the Career Services Center provide information about a broad variety of hospitality management employers, careers, internship opportunities, salary surveys, corporate training programs, and on-line job opportunities.

Lexington is here to help you search for your next career advancement.

Lexington's Career Center offers:
  • Monthly e-mails followed by current employment opportunities
  • References and career books on updating your resume and cover letter
  • Personalized career guidance.

Appointments can be scheduled with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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